Terms of use

Terms of use

When ordering through PPS Foods AB (Domino's Pizza Sweden) website or app, your order will be sent to your chosen Domino's store. The following terms of use apply to an order made through our website or app:

  • You select the desired products, the desired delivery method and the desired payment method in the ordering solution. You will at all times find all our products and services on dominos.se
  • Once the order has been sent to us, it cannot be changed or canceled. You are responsible for checking that the order is the way you want it and the delivery address is correct before confirming your order. Wrong orders will not be refunded.
  • The time when your order will be ready for delivery or collection at your chosen restaurant is stated on your order overview before you confirm your order.
  • Minimum order for delivery is 150 SEK.
  • Use of coupons on orders can only take place if the coupon is marked as valid for ordering on the web.
  • Removing ingredients does not reduce the price of pizza.
  • If there are changes to the ingredients on pizzas that are offered at a reduced price, you will be charged according to the current price list for ordinary orders.
  • In the event of a breach of our membership conditions or other, Domino's reserves the right to deny you access to the service and/or terminate the membership with immediate effect.

More about average delivery time

The average delivery time displayed on the website is only an estimate and will therefore not represent the actual delivery time for the selected store.

Customer survey

All customers who order via the website/app will receive an online customer survey after each purchase. This will be sent via e-mail. It is optional to participate.

We love hearing about our customer experience. Plus, it helps us to do more of the things customers like – and less of the things they don’t.